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I. Overview:

The product can protect the water meter in the pipeline from the damage of solid impurities and ensure the normal measurement of the water meter.

2. Product characteristics:

1. The shell of the filter is made of ductile iron.

2. Stainless steel filter, prolonging the service life of the product;

3. The arc shape of the filter screen increases the filtration multiple and circulation capacity, and reduces the pressure loss.

4. The bottom of the filter is pocket-shaped, which is easy to clean up dirt.

3. Shape size:

5. Pressure grade: 1.0 MPa or 1.6 MPa; 4. Filter parameters:

6. Pressure loss: Under common flow rate, pressure loss is less than 0.025 MPa;

7. Installation and maintenance and matters needing attention:

1. When the filter is used in conjunction with the water meter, the installation shall meet the installation requirements of GB/T 778 water meter standard.

2. Installation site should be convenient for installation, disassembly and cleaning and maintenance of filters.

3. The direction of the arrow on the filter should be consistent with the direction of the water flow when it is installed.

4. The new pipeline should first remove the stones, sediment, linen and asphalt in the pipeline.

5. In order to avoid excessive accumulation of debris, which may lead to pipeline blockage, users should regularly remove and wash the filter screen. When removing and wash the filter screen, pressure relief is necessary before operation.

6. Pipeline pressure should not be higher than the maximum permissible working pressure of the filter, otherwise it will easily cause shell rupture and injury.

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