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Material Characteristics of Small Diameter Watermeter Shell

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Material Characteristics of Small Diameter Watermeter Shell

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How to Select Water Meters - Introduction to Common Knowledge

The material of small caliber water meter case is varied. When customers choose the material of small caliber water meter case, it is a fundamental factor for customers to choose. Below for you to introduce the material characteristics of the case.

(1) Cast iron water meter case

Cast iron water meter case has low price, high strength and toughness, but whether it is made of gray cast iron or nodular cast iron, its forming and processing technology are complicated, and there is secondary pollution due to corrosion and rusting. It has been proved by experiments that the direct and serious harm of rust is the damage to human liver. Therefore, the mandatory water meter rules require the elimination of grey cast iron water meters in the past year (2010); only ductile iron is recommended for the case of large-caliber water meters.

(2) Cast copper water meter case

The main advantages of cast copper water meter case are good mechanical properties and simple manufacturing process.

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