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Notices for Small Caliber Water Meter

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Notices for Small Caliber Water Meter

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In the city building water supply network, large caliber water meters are often used as water supply master tables. About the matters needing attention in the use of large caliber water meters, smart water meter manufacturers summarize the following points. Now share these to you, hoping to be helpful to you.

Unlike small-caliber water meters, large-caliber water meters are more important, so we should pay attention to them when using them and need regular maintenance.

1. Because of the serious deterioration of water quality, the water department should clean or clean the inner part of the water meter after using the large-caliber water meter for a period of time. Otherwise, the inner part of the water meter will be blocked by some sediment or impurities after a long time, leading to the water meter can not be used normally.

2. The service life of large-caliber water meters may be much worse than that of small-caliber water meters. Why do you say so? Mainly because the internal results of large-caliber water meters are relatively relaxed, and the caliber of water meters is relatively large, the water quality flowing through is much worse than that of small-caliber water meters, so we need to change the water meters regularly.

3. Each of them has its own functions, but the latter one is installed in the main pipeline, which plays a summary role. When using large caliber water meter, the data of LCD LCD screen should be uploaded, and the number should be compared with the water charge of each household. In order to avoid inconsistent water charges, inconvenience between customers and water companies.

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