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Recommendation of Five Precision Household Intelligent Water Meters for Smart City

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Recommendation of Five Precision Household Intelligent Water Meters for Smart City

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Intelligent water meter is increasing with the increase of urban population in China. In order to reduce the waste of water, our country has introduced a step-by-step charging policy. The charging standards are also different according to the different charging standards of domestic water consumption. Nowadays, many people pay attention to the choice of intelligent water meter because it is directly related to the accuracy of their water consumption and what kind of prepaid environment is suitable for. Where's the water meter? The following edition will give you a brief introduction to the use of household prepaid water meters and the choice of water meters.

Prepaid meter valve integrated water meter:

This water meter is suitable for indoor installation, its appearance is compact, infrared transmission non-contact smart IC card, data infrared transmission, waterproof and moisture-proof. Card-meter communication is non-contact. It prevents man-made damage and mechanical fastening of the clamp.

2. Large liquid crystal prepaid water meter:

Suitable for stairwell water meter room or humid environment, large LCD super-clear display, waterproof IP68 grade, large capacity battery used for a long time, static low power battery life can reach 6-8 years.

3. Frost-proof prepaid water meter:

Frost-proof prepaid water meter is suitable for cold areas, using dry machine core, anti-freeze insulation materials, IP68 waterproofing grade can also operate normally in water, even in cold winter will not freeze damage leakage situation, so that you can use more assured.

4. Recommended water meters for district renovation:

Nowadays, many residential areas need to replace intelligent prepaid water meters. Now I would like to recommend a water meter suitable for the transformation of residential areas. The shell of this water meter is fully sealed, the super large liquid crystal display screen, the digital display is more clear and easy to read, and it is made of ABS food-grade plastic material. The high-power valve has anti-jamming function.

5. Iron Shell Card Prepaid Water Meter:

This iron shell card type prepaid water meter has complete cost-effective functions. The household one-meter-one-card prepaid water meter has good sealing property. It can supply electricity with double circuits according to customers'needs, namely lithium-ion and dry batteries. It can be used for a long time.

This is the reason why intelligent water meter manufacturers should vigorously develop the business of intelligent water meter. If you need more information about intelligent water meter, please leave a message online or contact us by telephone.

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