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Types of Intelligent Water Meters

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Types of Intelligent Water Meters

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Intelligent water meter system is a remote meter reading system composed of intelligent water meter, collector, concentrator and transmission line. The system combines computer technology, digital communication technology and water meter metering technology, integrates metering, data acquisition and processing, integrates the urban residents'water use information, replaces the traditional manual door-to-door meter reading method, realizes intellectualization and improves work efficiency. At present, the commonly used intelligent water meter system mainly has the following types:

1. IC Smart Card Water Meter

Smart card water meter has functions of self-collection, power supply, electric valve and valve control, smart card reading and so on. Its advantages are easy to install, no need to arrange wiring, and it can realize charging first and then using water.

2. Distribution intelligent remote water meter

Intelligent remote water meter is the main mode of automatic meter reading system in our country nowadays. It consists of remote water meter, data collector, concentrator and signal transmission line. Each water meter is connected to the data collector, and then the data collector is connected to the bus and concentrator in parallel. Intermediate disconnection, power failure, etc. can easily lead to data loss, requiring special commissioning and maintenance, and the maintenance cost is high.

3. Intelligent remote water meter based on bus

Bus intelligent remote transmission system is composed of bus direct reading water meter, collector, transmission line and so on. At present, there are three types of direct reading water meters: CCD camera direct reading, photoelectric direct reading and counting direct reading.

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