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Intelligent water meter manufacturer: service life of small caliber water meter

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Intelligent water meter manufacturer: service life of small caliber water meter

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Jiangsu Water Meter Manufacturer tells you that the price of smart water meter is different from the past. It used to be more than ten or tens of yuan to buy a water meter, but now we all use prepaid smart water meter or intelligent remote meter reading. There are many parts inside a water meter, such as case, machine core, copper takeover, impeller box, gear drinking, impeller, gear, etc. Filtration bottom net, line part and so on. People now buy a water meter several times as many times as they did before, so people still care about how long it will last.

Under normal circumstances, intelligent water meters must be replaced within six years according to the state regulations, because the safety of sanitation has not met the requirements of the state, so the water meters of intelligent water meters must be replaced once in six years, no matter whether they are bad or not. Water meters of good quality can generally be used for three to four years. If the water meter is of very general quality and its performance is very unstable, the life of the water meter will certainly be less, usually about two years.

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