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Data Encryption Technology of Intelligent Water Meter Manufacturer

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Data Encryption Technology of Intelligent Water Meter Manufacturer

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Data encryption technology is * basic technology, known as the core of information, mainly used to ensure the stability of data in the process of storage and transmission. It converts the plaintext file or data into an unreadable code according to some algorithm, which is usually called "ciphertext", and then displays the content of the plaintext only after entering the corresponding key. On the contrary, the process of converting the encoding information into the original data information is called decryption, through which the data can be protected. Taking IC intelligent water meter as an example, the application of data encryption technology in IC card meter is described.

Intelligent IC card water meter uses IC card as the medium to complete the information transmission between the background management system and the data in the meter. Whether the operation parameters in the meter and the data information in the background management system are consistent largely depends on the data information in the IC card. In order to solve the data character of the IC card, first of all, the corresponding data information should be backed up reliably and multi-level, and then the data should be backed up to a certain extent. Encryption processing. Data encryption technology can be divided into three parts: data encryption, stable transmission and identity authentication.

The plaintext data information is converted into ciphertext by means of transformation and replacement, and then stored or transmitted. Even if the encrypted information is obtained by non-authorized personnel in the process of storage or transmission, it can also ensure that the information is not recognized by them, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the data information. The confidentiality of this method depends directly on the algorithm used and the length of the key. Data encryption technology is recognized as a practical method to protect the stable transmission of data and an effective method to protect data storage.

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