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Smart Water Meter Manufacturer Introduces Smart Water Meter Antifreeze Tips

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Smart Water Meter Manufacturer Introduces Smart Water Meter Antifreeze Tips

Date of release:2017-12-14 Author: Click:

Unconsciously winter has come, intelligent water meters are often frozen out. In recent years, the analysis of the freezing situation of intelligent water meters shows that most of the reasons for the freezing damage of intelligent water meters do not do a good job of anti-freezing and anti-freezing measures, inadequate heat preservation, doors and windows are not sealed and other factors, so intelligent water meter manufacturers provide you with smart anti-freezing and anti-freezing tricks.

1. In order to prevent the freezing of pipes and intelligent water meters and to affect the normal water consumption of the next day, water storage preparation can be made in advance at night.

2. Water meters with watchboxes can be wrapped with cotton cloth and closed the door; outdoor water meters without watchboxes can be sealed with plastic film after being wrapped with cotton cloth; water meters in wells with surface wells, outdoor water meters in wells should be cleared of accumulated water in wells, and there is no leakage in wells, so as to ensure their dryness.

3. Before going to bed at night, close the ball valve in front of the meter, and then empty the remaining water in the pipe behind the meter.

4. If the intelligent water meter is not used for a long time, the user can apply to close the control valve before the meter and drain the water in the meter and back pipe.

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