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Technical requirements for small caliber water meters

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Technical requirements for small caliber water meters

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Intelligent water meter is the inevitable need and product of the development of information society. It will eventually become a "civilian" product for millions of households. Therefore, economy and practicability are the inevitable choice of intelligent water meter in the market. This paper mainly discusses the economy and practicability of the intelligent water meter from the base table.

Traditional water meters are still the choice of intelligent water meters for a period of time in the future. Among them, single-beam water meters have simple structure, small volume, high performance-price ratio in all types of water meters of the same specification, and their quality is reduced by 20% compared with other types of water meters of the same specification. Due to the improvement of processing technology and design level, the batch qualification rate can reach 90% left. Right, the cost of production has been significantly reduced, and the reliability and life of the products have made greater breakthroughs than before. Because the sensor of primary metering element is simple to install and has high acquisition accuracy, it has low production cost and good technological performance. It can also be used as a base table for developing high metering accuracy grade. Non-magnetic sensor is the direction of sensor technology development, its quality should be achieved: from the initial flow of the water meter to the overload flow of the flow collection response; low power consumption; anti-external interference; undamped and suitable for a variety of water quality. At present, the development and application of inductance coil sensor have achieved preliminary results. Therefore, the single-beam fully non-magnetic (inductance coil) base meter has many advantages, such as high measurement accuracy (D-level accuracy), high sensitivity (3-4 L/h), strong anti-interference ability (external magnetic field interference), long service life, high performance-price ratio and so on. It can better reflect the economic and practical requirements for the intelligent water meter base meter.

Two-way real-time is the requirement of system communication and network technology. The users of intelligent water meter system are water administrators and users. The application level of the system depends on the degree of two-way interactive communication and the real-time of two-way communication. As mentioned earlier, at this stage, the centralized copy system unilaterally establishes a channel for managers to obtain real-time information from users. For example, managers can get information about users'water consumption through the system, while users can not get real-time information about managers' services through the system. This asymmetry of information acquisition restricts the effectiveness of interaction between the two sides. Although the card-type intelligent water meter system can realize two-way communication between managers and users through reading and writing IC cards, that is, managers can understand relevant information such as user's consumption behavior through reading and writing cards and background processing software, and users can also understand relevant information such as managers'management and service behavior through the display interface of reading and writing cards and base tables, the two sides can communicate with each other. Lack of real-time, easy to cause management and service behavior lag.

It can be seen that the real-time communication between the two sides is realized by networking, the interactive communication of information between the two sides is realized by the application of reading and writing cards, and the application of control valves enriches the functions of remote control and execution. Therefore, the establishment of intelligent water meter system consisting of card intelligent water meter, read-write card, remote data communication network and corresponding background data processing software can deepen the behavior of communication between the two sides, and improve the breadth and depth of application of intelligent water meter.

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