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Which is better, plug-in meter or swipe card meter?

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Which is better, plug-in meter or swipe card meter?

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Nowadays, many people are using IC card intelligent water meter. This kind of water meter has many advantages, such as no manual meter reading, intuitive display of water consumption, purchasable water resources and so on. There are many kinds of IC card smart water meter products on the market. If we divide the card reading methods into two categories: plug-in water meter and swipe water meter. So, which of the two water meters is better? What's the difference? Today, you will find out about the small weave of spray.   预存卡水表 Preserved card water meter

As the name implies, the card water meter is an IC card plug-in water meter to read data; the card water meter is also called a non-contact intelligent water meter, which reads the card in the same way as we usually do on buses. Sounds like it's more convenient to swipe a card meter, but it's not. The card water meter has an independent slot, and the IC card is inserted into the water meter in the slot to read the data. This kind of design is very helpful for people to find a place to read cards, and greatly facilitates the elderly, children and other consumer groups. Technically speaking, there is no more advanced problem between the card-inserted water meter and the card-swiped water meter.

For more information about water meters, please consult the intelligent water meter manufacturer online or by telephone.

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