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What are the characteristics of IC card water meter?

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What are the characteristics of IC card water meter?

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IC card water meter


Intelligent water meter manufacturers know that water meters are used by every household. There are many kinds of water meters. Water meters can be divided into civil water meters and industrial water meters according to their uses. According to the pressure, it can be divided into ordinary water meter and high-pressure water meter. Meter reading system can be divided into wireless mode and wired mode. According to whether the counter is immersed in water, it can be divided into wet water meter, dry water meter and liquid seal water meter. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of IC card water meter.

IC card water meter can not only be used to measure the flow of cold water in pipeline, but also has the function of automatic charging. The user will pay the water fee to the management department. The management department will write the amount of water purchased into the IC card. After the user inputs the information from the IC card into the water meter, the water meter will automatically open the valve for water supply. In the process of water consumption, the micro-computer in the water meter will automatically check the remaining amount. After the water purchased is exhausted, the water meter will automatically close the valve and shut off the water. Only after the user buys the water again, can the water supply be opened again.

More information about water meters can be consulted in detail with IC card water meter manufacturers.

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