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How to maintain the intelligent water meter in winter?

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How to maintain the intelligent water meter in winter?

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Water meter is an indispensable commodity in people's daily life. Water meter, as its name implies, is an instrument for measuring water flow and calculating water consumption. With the continuous development of science and technology, water meters are constantly updated. More and more intelligent water meters have emerged as the times require. The emergence of intelligent water meters can not only record and display the water consumption, but also control the water consumption according to the agreement. With the gradual cooling of the weather, how should the water meter be maintained in winter? Next, we will introduce how to maintain the intelligent water meter in winter.

For intelligent water meters, regular cleaning work is needed to keep the surface clean, while avoiding contact with corrosive substances. If the pipes and water meters are frozen, warm water can be poured along the pipes or thawed by hairdryer. Do not pour boiling water or bake with fire to prevent damage to the water meters and pipes.

For more information about smart water meters, you can consult smart water meters factories in detail.

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