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Irrigation Water Meter

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Irrigation Water Meter

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I. overview

This series of water meters adopt magnetic coupling drive, and the counting parts are specially processed, which not only effectively prevent pollution, but also ensure clear and convenient reading. The removable machine core also greatly reduces the maintenance cost. The water meter also has the characteristics of low pressure loss, large circulation capacity and strong impact resistance. It is especially suitable for working in poor water quality environment, such as untreated water source, sewage and irrigation water.

Note: 1. Hot water meters are available in this series.

2. This series of water meters also have M-type glass fully sealed counter for users to choose.

II. Technical parameters

Temperature Grade: Cold Water Meter: T30; Hot Water Meter: T30/T90

Pressure Level: MAP10 or MAP16

Pressure loss grade: P25

Sensitivity level of upstream flow field: U10

Sensitivity level of downstream flow field: D5

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