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Multi jet Water Meter with reed switch

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Multi jet Water Meter with reed switch

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I. overview

This water meter is used to measure the total volume of water flowing through water pipes. Do not use corrosive liquids. The mechanical signal of the main indication value and its variation of the transmitter water meter can be converted into the output of the pulse signal. The meter is a dry type water meter with magnetic drive. It has the characteristics of easy reading, clear measurement, accurate measurement, long service life, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for card type water meter and network meter reading system.

Note: 1. This series of water meters have the following options for users:

Iron Shell Water Meter: LXSG-15-50/FXD

Plastic water meter: LXSG-15-40/FXD

Small core water meter: LXSG-15 (M/N) ~20 (M/N) / FXD M is 8-bit wheel, N is 5-bit wheel.

II. Technical parameters

Temperature Grade: Cold Water Meter: T30; Hot Water Meter: T30/T9

Pressure Level: MAP10

Pressure loss grade: p63

Sensitivity level of upstream flow field: U10

Senstivity level of downstream flow field: D5

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Rotor Dry Signal Water Meter

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