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Development Prospect of Intelligent Water Meter

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Development Prospect of Intelligent Water Meter

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Intelligent water meter, centralized meter reading system and secondary meter matching water meter have a bright future, because it improves the reading method of water meter, improves the degree of digitalization and automation of information, and reduces the disturbance to users of water meter and public security concerns. This type of water meter is also used in some areas of China when implementing one household one meter.

Intelligent cold water meter prepaid water meter is applicable to the management system under the principle of "pay first, then use water". In some areas of China, water fees are difficult to collect and water fees are in arrears. The use of prepaid water meters has completely changed the way of meter reading and water consumption settlement, avoided intensifying contradictions, and improved the technical content of water meter products. Some water companies and property management companies welcomed this product. Prepaid water meter can collect water fee timely and reasonably, reduce water fee loss, reduce labor intensity, and avoid inconvenience and instability caused by meter reading activities. Typical products are IC card water meter (plug-in or induction type), TM card water meter, code exchange prepaid water meter, etc.

At present, domestic intelligent water meters are generally single-flow meters. Most of them can move and reduce the cumulative number when they are in reverse flow (also known as reverse flow or reverse flow). The existing lead sealing mechanism of water meters has no function to prevent the inversion of water meters, so it is possible to cause measurement problems. The anti-backflow water meter can seal the connecting pipe of the water meter with the lead in the water pipe by installing a one-way valve at the entrance of the meter, thus preventing the possibility of fraud caused by artificial backflow of the water meter. The function of bi-directional metering water meter is that the counting mechanism of water meter is still cumulative and meets the requirement of metering accuracy in reverse flow.

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Intelligent water meter

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