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Working Principle and Disadvantage of Intelligent Water Meter

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Working Principle and Disadvantage of Intelligent Water Meter

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Intelligent water meter

At present, intelligent water meters manufactured in China can be divided into two categories: prepaid water meters and remote water meters. Their common characteristics are that the sensors for measuring water flow still use ordinary water meters. By installing sensor elements at a certain position of the reading dial pointer or gear group of water meters, the mechanical reading of raw water meters is converted into electrical signal data, and then collected, transmitted and stored, according to the settlement and transaction mode. Requirements for automatic or manual control. Because their basic meters are all speed meters, they are also classified as speed meters according to the principle of water meters. They have only improved the reading mode and indication mechanism, increased the functions of automatic meter reading system such as prepayment, remote reading, and so on. The measuring mechanism, transmission mode are mechanical, and the accuracy (accuracy) level and accuracy of water meters. Ordinary mechanical water meters are 2.0 level. Intelligent Water Meter Manufacturer

Intelligent water meter, which applies high-tech electronic and information transmission technology to water meter manufacturing, has changed the traditional way of meter reading and settlement in China to a considerable extent, improved the level of water charge and measurement in China, and is a technological progress of water metering and charging. Its popularization and application has realized "buy water first, then use water" and centralized meter reading management, and updated the payment management of water users. It can reduce the phenomenon of arrears of water fees and meter reading in the household, reduce the manpower and material resources of water supply department, recover water fees in advance, reduce the late operators, improve the management efficiency and management level of the company, and have better anti-theft performance than ordinary water meters, which can fully realize the functions of "prepayment", "step water price" and "water hoarding".

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