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Intelligent Water Meter Manufacturers Build Water-saving Agriculture

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Intelligent Water Meter Manufacturers Build Water-saving Agriculture

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Nowadays, with the development of intelligent age, we have realized intelligent control in our work, life and consumption. It is common to pay for car cards, commuting cards, shopping cards and water cards. Of course, this intelligent development trend can not be separated from the intelligent water meter of agricultural water-saving irrigation farmland. Farmer irrigation also realizes the way of water consumption by card payment, which makes water supply more intelligent and technological.

Farmland Intelligent Water Meter Manufacturers Create Water-saving Agriculture

Farmland intelligent water meter uses advanced prepaid, remote transmission and valve control functions. It only needs an IC card to automatically water and irrigate the land. Farmers can set the amount of irrigation water according to the amount of water used. After the card is completed, the IC card can be pulled out. It does not need to guard the process of farmland irrigation. The more humanized design is unanimously recognized by farmers.

Intelligent Water Meter for Shunshui Farmland

Farmland intelligent water meter manufacturer design technology to build water-saving agricultural transformation and construction. Farmers no longer worry about the perplexity of long-term artificial irrigation. All of them are computer automated remote control of water meter supply, intelligent water meter automatic water pipe breaking valve to avoid waste of water resources. Modern agriculture development does not involve smart water meters in farmland. Water Resources Bureau and other water supply departments vigorously promote smart water meters in farmland. It is very convenient and water-saving to apply them to farmers'irrigation water widely.

The main purpose is to facilitate charging and remote control of water meters, will not interfere with our users'daily water life, the future community will be everywhere remote water meters. We know all the water meters well. The remote intelligent water meter can be divided into wired remote water meter and wireless remote water meter according to the way of wiring installation. They are the key products of intelligent water meter management.

Advantages of Wireless Remote Measurement of Intelligent Water Meter

The wireless remote intelligent water meter is designed with ultra-low power consumption, and its actual service life is more than 6 years. The connection between concentrator and collector adopts five-wire control valve, which automatically opens alarm pipe valve and large flow impact protection, and releases and disassembles alarm function. These functions are what water companies have always wanted to achieve. They meet the strong market demand only by virtue of the main functions of no wiring, remote data collection and automatic on-off valve management.

Intelligent Water Meter

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