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Intelligent water meter manufacturers tell you the functions and characteristics of IC card water meter

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Intelligent water meter manufacturers tell you the functions and characteristics of IC card water meter

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The intelligent water meter manufacturer tells you the function and characteristics of IC card water meter.

1. The good shell water meter adopts copper shell to avoid rusting and water pollution. The water meter import is equipped with a filter, which avoids the blockage of the water meter and reduces the failure rate of the water meter.

2. The step-billing intelligent IC card water meter has the function of automatic step-billing. It can realize the function of automatic step-billing of water consumption at parity within the quota and excess and high price. It can set four kinds of prices through the management system.

3. Flexibility of switch is due to the use of pilot valve controlled by electromagnetic logic (patented technology of our company) and high-tech intelligent circuit, which ensures flexible valve operation, accurate switch, avoids the occurrence of stuck phenomenon, and greatly shortens the switching time (action time is only about 0.5 seconds), reduces the working current and greatly improves the life of water meter. The life of the battery is guaranteed to be more than 6 years.

4. The double display table has the function of double display of LCD machinery. Users can find out the status of valve opening/closing, the remaining amount, the amount of water used, the unit price of water used and the amount of money by inquiring key.

5. Ultra-micro power consumption uses high-tech low-power circuit design, plus good imported electronic components (CPU and main chips are all imported components from the United States, and after special waterproof process treatment, to ensure the stability of IC card water meter work, improve the reliability of use.

6. Moisture-proof technology uses the moisture-proof material developed by our company to encapsulate circuit boards and other parts in amber, which ensures that all technical parameters of the encapsulated circuit boards remain unchanged after 24 hours'immersion in brine.

7. The protective function water meter has lead seal on its shell, so that users can not disassemble the water meter without authorization. Lead sealing holes are reserved at the interface between the water meter and the pipeline. After the water meter is installed, it can be sealed well. The user can not disassemble the water meter at will.

8. Anti-theft function When the water meter contacts magnetic substances, the water meter automatically closes, showing the user steals water, the user can insert the user card again to open the water meter, so that the total of four times, the water meter will not be opened, need to be handled by the management department through the management card. The phenomenon of water theft was put an end to.

9. Under-voltage protection function When the battery voltage in the water meter is lower than the normal working voltage, the IC card water meter closes itself, and the LCD display "under-voltage battery", reminding the management department to replace the battery, and the data in the table will not be lost in the process of changing the battery.

10. The function of confidentiality is one form and one card. The illegal card is invalid and has strong confidentiality.

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