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All circuits of intelligent water meter are sealed with epoxy resin

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All circuits of intelligent water meter are sealed with epoxy resin

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Large screen liquid crystal display of intelligent water meter: water volume data, valve status, battery status can be seen at a glance

Low Voltage Detection: When the battery voltage is less than 3.8V, the motor valve will be closed and "under voltage" and "off valve" will appear. New batteries need to be installed before they can be reused.

Water shortage prompt: when the remaining water in the meter is less than 2.0m3, actively close the valve, prompt the user to buy water, open the valve after inserting the card, and continue to use the remaining water until 0, close the valve

Anti-counterfeiting function: When the card is inserted back or non-system card is inserted, the "card error" will appear.

Special Engineering Card: Convenient Repair

Magnetic Protection Function: When a strong magnetic field approaches, the meter will display alarm and shut off the valve.

Integrated planning: compact structure and beautiful appearance

Contactless IC card chilled water meter is used to measure the flow of chilled water in pipeline, and has the function of active charging. Users will pay the water fee to the management department. The management department will write the amount of water purchased into the IC card. After users input the information in the IC card into the water meter, the water meter will actively open the valve to supply water. In the process of user's water use, the micro-computer in the water meter will actively check and reduce the remaining amount. After the amount of water purchased is exhausted, the water meter will actively shut off the valve and shut off the water. Users need to re-purchase water before they can open the valve again.


1. Selecting the non-contact IC card skills and wireless method to transmit data on the outer wall of the water surface, the problems of waterproof, moisture-proof and intrusion-proof are solved.

2. Zero power consumption skill, which greatly improves the service life of the attached battery and guarantees its application for more than 8 years.

3. Electric suspension ball valve skills: with anti-lock, non-scaling characteristics, can complete the pressure loss, wear, power consumption, anti-rust, anti-blocking role.

4. Active drainage, anti-blockage and anti-rust skills of valves: the valves are actively switching on and off at regular intervals, which can make use of the instantaneous impulse of water formed by pipeline pressure to complete the active drainage of valves and prevent the valve from rusting and scaling.

5. Full Sealing Planning: All lines are sealed with epoxy resin without exposed electrodes and have good sealing performance.

6. Anti-electric and magnetic intrusion skills: When strong electric and magnetic intrusion is carried out from outside, the water meter will actively close the valve.

These are the reasons why intelligent water meter manufacturers should vigorously develop their business. If you need more information about intelligent water meter, please leave a message online or contact us by telephone.

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