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No one urges to pay the water fee, the old man does not rest assured of the intelligent water meter

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No one urges to pay the water fee, the old man does not rest assured of the intelligent water meter

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Nowadays, with the implementation of the ladder water price policy, many cities begin to transform the IC card prepaid water meter into their homes, which is also welcomed by many young people, because after installing the IC card prepaid water meter, there is no need to worry about the problem of no one at home who reads the meter on time. Moreover, the measurement accuracy of the IC card prepaid water meter is high, it is not easy to produce errors, and many people are relieved to fill it in advance. The value is used.

Although the IC card prepaid water meter is convenient, it also makes many elderly people very worried. The old water meter has been used for decades, and the household meter reading has been used to how much water to pay. Now, after the IC card prepaid water meter transformation, only a small card is needed to solve all the problems, which worries many elderly people. Is this card reliable? Will recharging the money into Carney suddenly disappear?

Intelligent water meter

Faced with the aging city of Beijing Shunshui Watermeter Factory, a large LCD IC card prepaid water meter for the elderly is specially introduced. This water meter not only has all the advantages of intelligent water meter, but also has a more humanized design for special groups of people. Super large LCD display is easy to read data. After each recharge, the system will uniformly save and print receipts, even if the old people are charged. If the smart water card is lost carelessly, it will not cause any loss. Let every old person feel the intimate service of intelligent products

This is the reason why intelligent water meter manufacturers should vigorously develop the business of intelligent water meter. If you need more information about intelligent water meter, please leave a message online or contact us by telephone.

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