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Intelligent Water Meter Admired by Water Bureau

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Intelligent Water Meter Admired by Water Bureau

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Among the various companies, there is such a company, which is responsible for irrigation water for water conservancy projects, water use for agricultural irrigation plans, water conservation, rational water distribution and so on. Similarly, he needs to charge for the amount of water used by each household. This is the Water Administration, which is the national water administration department. However, there is such a headache afflicting the Water Bureau staff: reading water meters from door to door, not to mention, but also by the eyes of others, the serious arrears of water charges, to the country has brought a great economic burden.

Now, with such a good thing - IC card water meter, since every household has been transformed into a water meter, Water Bureau and other water management department staff raised their thumbs to praise. Why do you say that? And listen to Xiaobian. Water meter has the leading function of "pay first, then use water". That is, users need to pay money before use water. When the user's water is used up, they need to pay water fee again before they can use it again. Contrary to previous mechanical water meters, this is an innovative product customized by so-called reverse thinking.

The smart card water meter fundamentally solves the problem of water fee arrears which has been perplexing the water supply industry for a long time, and directly brings huge economic benefits to the water supply enterprises. At the same time, it implements the charging mode of purchasing water by card, solves the current situation of lack of manpower and saves a lot of manpower. It can be said that human resources reduce human expenditure!

This is the reason why intelligent water meter manufacturers should vigorously develop the business of intelligent water meter. If you need more information about intelligent water meter, please leave a message online or contact us by telephone.

Intelligent water meter

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