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Intelligent Water Meter Selection Strategy

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Intelligent Water Meter Selection Strategy

Date of release:2018-12-21 Author: Click:

With the popularization of the concept of intelligent water supply and water management, the prepaid IC card water meter has gradually replaced the ordinary mechanical water meter to establish a scientific water use model in water use places such as households, factories and so on, so as to reduce the waste of use and improve the management level of water supply units. And it is very important to choose an IC card water meter with excellent material quality, good performance, long service life and accurate measurement. How to quickly choose a good water meter? In fact, several water meter manufacturers are selected to buy a IC card water meter with prepayment for testing and waterproofing test. In the process of testing, we must observe whether the water meter measurement is accurate and whether the waterproofing reaches the national IP68 level, such as manufacturers. The functions mentioned above are complete. If there are no problems after the test, you can buy in large quantities. If possible, try to know the water meter parameters of selected wa

Intelligent Water Mete

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