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Intelligent Water Meter Gets Information to Start and Run

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Intelligent Water Meter Gets Information to Start and Run

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Intelligent water meters are usually placed in the indoor use, so their use environment requirements are not high. However, this kind of water meter is usually placed near the kitchen, so there is a problem of preventing water erosion and soot pollution. These problems are not difficult to solve now. Preventing water and gas can generally meet the requirements as long as reasonable sealing technology is adopted. In order to prevent soot pollution, it is only necessary to do some technical treatment on IC card holder, such as adding dust-proof cover, etc. The following intelligent water meter manufacturers to analyze several important technical indicators.

1. Battery life index. This is an important indicator. Gas meters can't solve this problem well. Some gas meters require users to change batteries every few months, which is not scientific. Nowadays, the low power design scheme can increase the working time of a smart IC card water meter without changing batteries to 8 years or even 10 years. If this level is reached, it will be very convenient for users and water supply departments. Of course, the service life of the mechanical metering part and the electrical control part of the water meter should be higher. After replacing the battery, it should be able to continue to use for a longer time.

2. Service life of the whole meter. The service life of the whole meter is a problem worth discussing. Because the service life of the whole meter is theoretically determined by the device with the shortest service life. So, what is the device with short service life? According to the national standard, this device is a water meter, but in fact, the service life of the water meter is much longer than the national standard, so it is not reasonable to set this standard. From the current actual manufacturing situation, it is reasonable to have the manufacturer's life target of 6 years. But in fact, it is entirely possible that the life of the smart IC card water meter will exceed 10 years.

3. Moisture-proof and moisture-proof and sealing performance index. Sealing has been mentioned above. As long as the electrical parts are sealed and treated with some moisture-proof and moisture-proof methods, it should be no problem to achieve more than 85% of the technical indicators. Anti-vibration performance index. Water meters will encounter vibration problems during transportation and installation. So consider this indicator. Generally speaking, a level of 1 g is enough.

4. Anti-EMI indicators. Electromagnetic interference is not an important indicator. Home environment seldom encounters such a situation as more than 2000 volts of static electric field. Normally, the intensity of electromagnetic wave in normal use can not reach the intensity that will harm people and other electronic products. It is enough to set this index at 2000 volts.

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