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TT & C terminal

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TT & C terminal

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I. Overview:

This type of terminal (CKZD-1FY) is mainly used for collecting the base number of large-caliber water meter and pressure of pipeline network. It transmits data to the server remotely through GPRS, and completes the monitoring and management of water supply, pipeline network status and other information by supporting background management software. It is widely applicable to large-caliber water meter monitoring in the field and other power-free areas.

Technical parameters:

Outward Size (Length *Width *Height): 160 *110 *60mm

Uplink Communication: GPRS

Functional interface:

Water meter (1): RS485 (communication rate 2400 bps)

Pressure sensor: 0.5-4.5V (analog input signal)

Connect electric ball valve: five-wire (motor drive + in-place switch)

Power supply:

One of the two power supply modes is optional.


7.2V lithium battery (non-rechargeable), service life of more than 3 years

Standby Current: <30uA/7.2VDC

Acquisition current: <25mA/7.2VDC (single acquisition time is not more than 1 second, 12 times/day)

Transmission average current: <100mA/7.2VDC (normal transmission time is less than 60 seconds, once a day)

Relative humidity: <90% (no condensation)

Operating temperature: - 15 ~50

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