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I. overview

Router (LYQ-1) can support 8-level routing. The node module establishes STAR network around router, and the router establishes MESH network to communicate with centralized communication. Node modules can also communicate directly with the concentrator, but only one level node communicates with the concentrator, and more than one level node must communicate with the concentrator through the router. After the system is powered on, the system automatically establishes the network, automatically maintains and optimizes the network routing, and automatically discovers and deletes nodes or routers without user intervention. New nodes or routers can be found by the network within a certain period of time. After the address of the node or router is identified by the network, it will be added to the network, and information such as the routing of the removed nodes and routers will be deleted within a set time.

In the router MESH network part, any router can be either a child node or a parent node. Any node supports multiple parent nodes, any node has multiple routes to the concentrator, and the node dynamically chooses the optimal route when transmitting data. Any node has the function of router and relay. When transmitting data to the concentrator, the node with more series forwards data through the parent node of the previous level, and then its parent node transmits data to the concentrator through other nodes. Each node has more than one parent node, which makes the network more reliable and enlarges the coverage area of the network. If several nodes in the network fail or are removed, it will not affect the communication of the network at all. The concentrator can find the node that has lost the parent node through other nodes. By sending commands through the concentrator, we can know the number, address, series and routing of network routers and nodes.

II. Technical parameters

Power supply: ER34615 battery power supply

Network Type: Network Structure (MESH)

Maximum Routing: 8 Layers

Working frequency: 488MHZ-510MHZ

Transmitting power: 50mW

Receiving Sensitivity: -132dBm@5Kbps (Typical Value)

Standb time: 6 years

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